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I have recently decided that we are superstars. I work full time as an ABA Consultant and am a full time student working toward my psych degree. I have the most amazing man in my life - Rob is every dream come true that I have had. He works hard, plays hard, and we are making our dreams come true one day at a time. We are the proud parents of 6 cats and 2 dogs. Ya. It is a circus but I love every minute of it!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Today, I am angry.

So yesterday my dad died. I was sad. I am sad. I cried and I still cry. I am comforted by the thought of all my friends and family out there that care so much and have called, written, texted, and facebooked me to let me know of their love. I am thankful for every single one of you.  I am angry about the one person who is absent. No, not my dad. A best friend I had for many many many years. A friend I comforted when her grandpa died, when her life seemed to fall apart, who I allowed to hold my infant child and have a moment alone with when I had so little time to spend with her. I am angry that she has chosen not to be a part of my life and is not here when I need her the most.  I am angry that I spent so much time and emotion on her and she chose to throw it away.  I am angry that she is not helping me. I am just plain angry.  This is not to say that I don't treasure any and all of the people in my life right now, but even though we have not spoken for 2 years it was still my reflex to call her first when I found out my dad was gone only to realize that she wouldn't answer my call. It is hard to break a habit of 12 years and makes me angry.  This is the song playing in my head over and over right now while I allow myself to feel angry and miss the loss of my father and my friend. I don't believe there is any coming back from missing this one.

I know- I need to get over it and move on, I shouldn't be thinking about this when my dad just died, I should be focusing on the good memories about my dad, blah, blah, blah..... I will when I am ready. I am not going to stop my emotional train wherever it needs to run and right now, this minute, today, I am angry.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Photo A Day 5.10.2011 - Kickin It With George

One of my kiddos that I spend all my time with LOVES Curious George.... So today I surprised him with a George mask. He wore it all day..... it was an awesome reinforcer and he worked hard for it!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Photo A Day 5.9.2011 - BEACH!!!!!!

Rob, Jessica and I took our pups to the beach today. I was very skeptical about the fun we may or may not have because Cassidy is not a water dog and is typically afraid water. Boy was I wrong!!! She was like a completely different dog!!! With Mitzi there she was jumping straight into the ocean to catch the toy before Mitzi could get to it! It was incredible and awesome!! I loved every second of it!!

Photo A Day 5.8.2011 - Fun Stuff I Saw Today!

I am totally going to make this sign for my house.... Cuz I am too cheap to spend $25 on it.....

For dogs. Really!?!?  They felt it was needed to specify that DOG biscuits were for DOGS??? 

Photo A Day 5.7.2011 - Practice Makes Perfect!

Had some fun with my hair today and thought I would share! My stylist taught me how to curl my hair so the curl would last and I thought since I had nothing to do today I would practice! Now I am all dressed up with no where to go..... oh well. At least I have had a little practice!!

Photo A Day 5.6.2011 - Crock Pot Yumminess!!

MMMMMmmmmmm...... so tonight's dinner was chicken and sausage in a crock pot. There are onions, carrots and potatoes under the chicken you just cant see it too clearly. When it was done I put shredded cheese on the top and it was delicious!!! 

Photo A Day 5.5.2011 - Butterfly Art

So I thought this was a really cute art project. It could have used more filling to fluff it up, but still a cute idea. My client made this at speech and placed shapes and colors into a zip lock sandwich bag after he labeled them. Then he got to all glitter and a pipe cleaner made the wings and the antennae! how cute right??